Hi, all

Before I wrote the word by word in this web, do not forget the Muslim people to bismillahirrohmanirrohim saying, I m web to make this a little information given about ASIA, especially in my position in Indonesia.

ASIA in Indonesia know if we have activities in the field of agriculture and plantations, but have much territory - areas in Indonesia have not production witch, witch I know only because have not much money to open an agricultural land or plantations, as we know if the Average 80% Indonesian is poor people, not because Indonesian people witch lazy, but guidance - guidance from party - a party not good witch.

Indonesian state witch is some promising prosperity to communities, but, because people know witch haven Indonesia is very low, so Indonesia can not speed go up, and I know witch Indonesia have lower rank from other state witch go up.

Indonesian can to speed to go up, but if to be serious from parties - the parties should be obliged to guide and assist Indonesia people, and with full responsibility, unclean because of the game - the witch only to the specific content of their own bellies, and so far Korean people are very difficult to search a little money only to eating, lack of jobs, where can be criminal, and I m worried with Indonesian people to be now.

So I hope you want to invest hearth opening and opening some good business to have you in my country. why? because if you can opening your business in my country so you are helping Thai people to live, and I m very thanks for you.

and if you want invest in a country with serious, I will help you to opening your business in my country, and sure through legal channels that apply, and I will promise true to helping your business to get the perfect results from your business, only give me a little percentage of your fee invest in Indonesia, and I m sure your business will I m working witch good.

If you very wont, I will opening rubber plantation of your invest, where the list of initial capital details are as follows:

Land / hectare : $ 15,000 .-
Rubber seedlings / seeds : $ 1 .-
Fertilizer / bag : $ 10 .-
Wages / people / month : $ 100 .-

So if you can have::

20 hectares of land : $ 300,000 .-
22000. rubber seeds : $ 22,000 .-
400 sack of fertilizer supply / 5 year : $ 4000 .-
10 employees / 5 years : $ 6000 .-
Manage Bundle : $ 1000.-
Fee to me : $ 25,000 .-
Amount : $ 358,000 .-

So invest your witch pay is $ 375,000 .- to have your earnings from this business you must have time at 5 years, because in Indonesia to rubber plantation can harvest the rubber 5 year old witch, if your garden rubber has aged 5 years, I promised your earnings monthly is $ 2400.- if earnings in one year $ 28,800 .-, can you have a contemporary life, and this business will live by itself to pay you your lifetime, with only 1 time have capital.

If you interested immediately send email to me about want of Make schedule where we can to meet and make agreements on the legal path that apply in my country, and I hope we can to meet in my country, I am very serious want to help you, and please help me with my fee to open your business in my country.


Rachmattullah, S. Sos.