Good opportunity for those of you who want to invest in Indonesia, to open an English language course, as many children peminat - Indonesian children who want to speak english knowledge, often called the language of the world, there's no one you have a business outside your country, help the State who still want to progress.

Here I want to help you to establish your business with your investment in our State, earning a very promising, and very young to promote your business with people - people of the professional, the average - the average child - a child in Indonesia recommended by their parents to the world's languages, especially English, the biggest opportunity here, I will seek professional teachers, pasilitas appropriate not to bore the students and the student.

The list of the investment budget as follows:

Capital First:
Shopping School Building: $ 400,000 .-
Shopping Tools Office and School Room: $ 50,000 .-
Admin: $ 14,000 .- to start the activities consist of:
1. File - File Business License: $ 10,000 .-
2. Staff Services: $ 2000 .- for 10 people admin in the first month only.
3. Teacher Proffesional Services: $ 2000 .- for 10 teachers in the first month only
Pagu total investment budget: $ 464,000 .-

Learning and teaching system will confirm in the business after running as it should, of course the admin will set the system to learn on the school.
Business can profit you have 100% after admin manage the accounting calculation of the Net Income / Loss.
This is a good opportunity for those of you who are interested to have business in the State of Indonesia, of course we are in the path of legal regulations in force in the State of Indonesia, and I will help you in the process before and after your business standing, just give me a reasonable position to work for you in business.
For those of you who are interested please send email to

With regards,
Rachmattullah, S. Sos.