Yes Type of investment is good, even in this world where people need 99% of entertainment every day live in them, and this time the most good for you, with how to provide entertainment services to the community on where I was a very profitable income for the invested funds to have the assets / business.

And according to my experience every day the place where entertainment never visit such as billiards, bowling, and more service activities that positive enough entertaining myself, and at that I do not think how I have to spend to entertain myself, and the visitors on many entertainment, I think how earnings produced by the entertainment, only to provide facilities, services, and where the rent one hour quite easy for them to print the overflow, I think you know that, and not only in the fact this is the case here.

So allow me to help you who have interest in investment in the ASIA and especially where I live, while the budget for the funds needed for capital, and here I explain the business to service the entertainment billiard;

1. Building A Shopping Development: $ 400,000 .-
2. Expenditure Table billiards: @ .- $ 1000 x 20 = $ 20,000 .-
3. Shopping
Facilities Place:
- AC room: @ .- $ 400 x 12 = $ 4800 .-
- Tables and chairs for customers: @ .- 100 x 20 = $ 2000 .-
- Table and Chair Outdoor Lobby: @ .- 300 x 2 = $ 600 .-
- Tools and Computer Desk Cashier: 1000 .-
4. To create a mail Place Business Permit and Business License;
- License; $ 1000 .-
- Places of Business License; $ 1000 .-
5. Wages 10 people servant girl; .- @ 100 x 10 = $ 1000 .-
6. Total Invested Fund Budget, $ 431,400 .-

While details such as initial capital for those of you who agree with the entertainment services business, contact me at email, personally I want to help you establish a business that is here promised, I just help one person who wants to invest, and if there was a decided to invest this web I will close, on concern spoken gratitude.

Rachmattullah, S. Sos.