Good opportunity for those of you who want to invest in Indonesia, to open a hospital / clinic that is basically to help provide treatment to the people of Indonesia, this is big business and safe for you who want to infuse capital in Indonesia, already the number of hospitals in Indonesia, but not have the facilities to provide the special treatment of course, only in the region - a region which has advanced facilities, a small sample of heart disease is severe, in general, patients should go to the capital city of Jakarta to check the heart and treat them, and it is very not good.

Therefore I ask you to invest capital and opened a hospital a good place I am, of course with good facilities, and business is very promising for the large revenue for you.

The list of the investment budget as follows:

Capital First:
Shopping School Building: $ 1,000,000 .-
Shopping Tools Health: $ 1,000,000 .-
Shopping Tools Office: $ 100,000 .-
Admin: $ 127,000 .- to start the activities consist of:
1. Files License Business: $ 100,000 .-
2. Staff Services: $ 3000 .- for 15 people admin in the first month only.
3. Doctor Services: $ 12,000 .- for the 30 people in their professional doctor - each in the first month only.
4. Nurses Services: $ 15,000 .- for the 50 professional nurses.
total investment budget: $ 2,227,000 .-

Business can profit you have 100% after admin manage the accounting calculation of the Net Income / Loss.

This is a good opportunity for those of you who are interested to have business in the State of Indonesia, of course we are in the path of legal regulations in force in the State of Indonesia, and I will help you in the process before and after your business standing, just give me a reasonable position to work for you in business.

For those of you who are interested please send email to

With regards,
Rachmattullah, S. Sos.