This project is a promising analis enough revenue that realistic, of course, involve the licensing of local government in general, here I ready to work with you as - well, this project, you are establishing a center of Monopoly or spending is also called the mall.

After I review several years of rapid back investors spend up in the center where I live now, I live in a city that I just have the initiative to establish the building - building a shopping mall, hotels, and others - others. My five years as far as one back in my country I are very provincial, that in general people know only one spending the center called the International Flaza, but now with some of the short establishment - the establishment of development projects forward rapidly.

here I mean, really my country where I live at this time there have been several buildings department buildings, hotels, and buildings - the building of other business, so I mean if there are investors who are interested have the same large project owned by other foreign investors, I have plans to work to your Invested fund, the project is established in a district that still does not have relative development as I described above.

Places that I mean I have to review, and in my opinion is quite feasible to build a mall, because after I survey the number of visitors at the mall - the mall is on my current average - the average derived from the public in the district - the district that do not have a facility form the center or called with the spending department.

The budget details the development of this project in general;
Capital that you spend is worth: $ 10,235,000 .-
With details as follows:

A capital purchase of land / land for the development of building: $ 5000 .- 100 hectares of land.
Cost of building a department: $ 5,000,000 .-
Cost of facilities and equipment: $ 5,000,000 .-
Cost & Tax Files License: $ 100,000 .-
The cost of human resources: $ 50 .- 120,000 people a year.
Unexpected cost: $ 10,000 .-

The funds are large enough, as we know together, trying new Indonesian State forward, and this is the time for those of you who want to earn long-term, with the first launch of this project before any other foreign investor.

I write according to my own conscience, and hope - hope that I can work up is Invested in your fund, I really just want a job after I should establish your business.

More or less so I apologize, on the cooperation of both spoken thank you.