However we should not forget that the unseen hand was sometimes bring the economy towards a path that, as the polecat, sometimes tense economy experiencing market failure, such as a monopoly and external occurs, the race that repeatedly occur inflation with unemployment, and the last , the distribution of income, felt aggrieved.

In response to the various defects earlier, the modern economy now is a mix between the market and the hands - hands that are visible as the government taxes and regulations. Here we review the role of only a few of the government in economic development;

In a system of competition, many producers in the right - do not know the correct techniques of production the most inexpensive, so the cost - the cost of not achieving the minimum number. Indeed, the system can benefit the company as much as possible to apply a high price.

In addition in the sector others, there is a flood overflow process is dangerous pollution, the failure of this market to the production or consumption that is not efficient, and there is an opportunity for the government to act as a scraper disease, but must remain vigilant we will likely fail the government thus cause the disease;

Market mechanisms to price and production of various goods and services, while the government set the market with the tax laws, government and various other policies. Both parties this "market and the government" is very important in economic life, holding an economy without involving both parties this is the same with trying clap with only one hand.

This is just a little knowledge of my past as a student, if the shortfall or error in the writing or the meaning that is not correct please pardoned.



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