Link Exchange ( Pertukaran Link )

please link exchange visitor, later after you exchange links, do not forget visit each other every day, so if the agreed exchange for a link, link exchange with the hope that we can keep together in fellowship.

Visitor hope can to
link exchange, later after you link exchange, do not forget to visit each other every day, if agreed come on to link exchange, I hope with link exchange we can always link together in fellowship.

But u must know
my brother
, I getting reading from a search engine :
only notice to my brother :

If you’re using AdSense on your webpages it’s very

tempting to try to make more revenue by using online

services, that increases the number of clicks on your

ads - “You click on my AdSense ads and I’ll click on

your ads”

I’m referring to services like, and other similar services.

DO NOT use these services if plan you on keeping your

AdSense account for a long time. It’s the most effective

way to get your AdSense account closed forever!

Google will track the clicks coming from these services

and after a while send you an email - “AdSense account

closed because of click fraud”. I was very lucky and just

got a “friendly” reminder from Google that they’ve spotted

some traffic from one of these sites.

Even other PPC services like etc. are getting

smarter. They might not close your account but simply drop

you click values from maybe $1 a click to $0.05 a click if

they detect that your visitors are more interesting in

clicking the ads than reading the webpage. That happened to me!

Sorry, there’s no fast and easy way to make money with AdSense. Stick to the methods that works long time.


bisnisway said...

yes instant way is not a better way... everything have must pass the through...

Anonymous said...

Bro, please pay attention to your english. It's terrible you know.

Do you use such translator software? If yes, then don't. Because it won't do any good.

So sorry to say this. I just hope your blogs could be better.

genial said...

link added :) hope you'll do the same t me :)
thnx... and have a gorgeous day o you :)

andrizoom said...

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chikal opung said...

saya di sini :)