2009 election information

Today is the date 09 April 2009, Member of the Board of Elections Regional Representatives, where I live as I witness from Democrat candidates in the poll board members, I see the Democratic Party itself for Excellence from the party for other parties.

To date, this Democrat ranked 1 out of ten large, the Party of the chairman by President SBY, this I conclude that the Democratic Party is the hope of the people of Indonesia.

10 great return to the current calculation of the fast;

1. Democrat 25895%
2. PDIP 23813%
3. Golkar 18,673%
4. PKB 6897%
5. PAN 4945%
6. PKS 4294%
7. Gerindra 3578%
8. Hanura 2268%
9. PPP 2407%
10. PKPB 0716%

We know people of Indonesia is not stupid, they expect leaders to consider the evidence, not only mere promise.

Me as a fan and just to say, Mr. President SBY, Lifestyle keep ahead of Mr. SBY fight corruption, and struggle BLT stand rights as people, we are your support accompany the prayer.

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