Information "PTR and PTC of the spam" for the pay per click

This information is important for your players PPC / ptr either indonesia or overseas, according to the information I can from either ebook or forum, that for the PPC / ptr must note that the spamer (Fraud) or the right to pay, it does not will discard - just waste your time.

To you who are now playing program PPC / ptr try to see how many of the commission if perkliknya bigger than the $ 1.00 .- you do not believe that first PPC / ptr pay it, find the truth of the PTC / ptr in many search engines that experience memphosting they are the same as what you play, and read the fact whether they artikle right - has been paid correctly or not.

Moreover, PPC / ptr per click pay the $ 100 .- per click do you expect to be paid, according to what I read PPC / ptr like this is that the suspected fraud, such as,, , and many more like it.

I hope that little useful advice, find PPC / ptr perklik who pay the price of not more expensive $ 1.00 .- kebenaranya search and soon, to PPC Indonesia scamer not a lot of very good if you want to follow it as, for PPC / ptr overseas can be alertpay or paypal payout, if not using a credit card for verification should use alertpay, alertpay later about my time on the akan phosting, thanks artikle hopefully this is useful for all of us, respectfully.