"Manohara" Domestic Violence Victims

Manohara is a Beautiful women Citizens Indonesia bloody mix of French and Indonesia has become a daughter of Indonesia, is the wife of the king of Malaysia later this scene because the Beautiful Manohara the age of 17 years still experience the tragic.

According to the exposure in one of the Manohara media televise TVONE, manohara correctly said that he has had rough action of the King of Malaysia, which is her own, with the sad Manohara said that the violence that is done;

1. Manohara injected hormone to see so fat and healthy.
2. Manohara injured with a razor blade in one of the organs of the body can not show it to everyone because the organ-specific.
3. Manohara frequently injected drug by the husband.

Somehow what makes the husband so no mercy do so, with the beautiful face of the bloody french woman and Indonesia have experienced things that cruel. Manohara He fled when he was in Singapore that plans to visit one of the King family of Malaysia.

Manohara explore the opportunity he was yelling at on the floor three, and some of the Singapore police to be there at that time and quickly take action so that the bodyguard of the king fled to see some of the police approached Manohara, and manohara also introgasi in the Singapore police to quickly contact the family who are manohara in Indonesia, the Indonesian government is soon to follow-up to return to Indonesia manohara.

But this truth is being sought are the Government of Indonesia to investigate this case, if the incident is true then the Government of Indonesia will follow-up to demand the King Malaysia, and if this can not be proved by the Government of Indonesia manuhara also will follow-up make up the scandal.


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devianty said...

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